For Over 33 years, Whitley’s Peanut Factory has been producing the finest quality gourmet Super Extra-Large VA Peanuts on the market. As a family owned business, founded & headquartered in Gloucester County (Hayes, VA), in business since 1986; we have become a local destination for “Home Cooked” Virginia peanuts, other nuts, mixes, candy confections, and so many other specialty food items. We are also famous for our crisp, fresh flavor and personal, customer friendly in store experience. We are proud to support local vendors, such as: AR’s Hot Honey, Matt’s Dirty Pickles, Herbert’s Wine Jelly, and Tommy’s Wicked Garden Salsa (along with so many other fine quality VA made products). We would love for you to visit our Retail Outlet Stores in Richmond, Williamsburg, & Gloucester (VA) and you can find out more information about Our Story & Products by visiting: